The DREAM: A safe place at every church where kids can come weekly for great food, fun, and learn about faith in Jesus!

Attendance Stats

“People who attended church as children are also more likely to grow up happy, to be forgiving, to have a sense of mission and purpose, and to volunteer.” – Christianity Today, Jan. 25, 2022.

Simple Program

Have you ever wished there was a super simple mid-week program for the kids in the church, and also be an outreach for the youth in the Kids in the community around it? Welcome to GET REAL!!!

Easy to Start

Got food? Got a place to meet? Got Godly people who have a love for kids and willing to make a commitment to meeting weekly? You can start a GET REAL 4 Kids program NOW! (-:

Meeting Needs

Facts: Most Parents can really use a break at least once a week from their kids, from having to make dinner, and a safe place at a church where their kids would have FUN!